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About Me

I was born in logistic family. my father was a driver, There I developed my love for transport and a desire to become transporter. Now i am taking experience in various logistic company.


I love to explore. I have been exploring various fields of logistics, from road transportation to multi modal transport, from courier to freight forwarding industry. i have been exploring various fields in it like operation marketing. even i learned lot of new tactics and faced so much challenges, while working with Gati ltd and CLL.

Check out my resume below for detail related to my professional career, And drop me a line if want to find out more. 


I am looking for new challenges and more experience. There are still many fields in logistics industry of which i want to learn and experience. I want to learn about the new technologies and system lying in logistic industry. I have charged up my self with my experience and enthusiasm to serve the logistic industry and to set the new benchmark and standards.

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